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First, NO VELCRO to sag or pull your hair! All of our headbands are lined with soft non-slip fabric. Place your headband where you want it and it will stay put all day long!

They are created with a comfortable shape, wider at the top, tapering down to under an inch wide at the ribbon ends so they fit comfortably and tuck in nicely at the back. They are not made as one big rectangle so they are "bunchy" behind your ears or at the back of your neck.

Grossgrain ribbon keeps the ties secure, no slipping like satin ribbon. You tie them to the tension you want so no headache!

Our headbands are so versatile. Long hair, short hair, up-do's or long flowing tresses can all use a headband, and they are even better for those "bad hair" days. Just wrap it and forget it. Wear them with blue jeans or dress up a special outfit with a sparkly glittery headband!

Our headbands are very affordable, and with free shipping on all fabric headbands! Check it out at:
Cody Park Crafter

Monday, February 8, 2010

How Cody Park Headbands Came to Be!

Love the look of todays cute fabric headbands but have problems trying to wear them? They slide, slip or give you a headache from being to tight! I have created an affordable headband to solve most of the common headband problems, but still have a fashionable, functional product.

1). Have thin hair so elastic headbands slip? Velcro dots will only irritate your head or worse
      pull on your hair.
2). Who says we all have the same size head for an elastic or stretchy band? and, the elastic will
     stretch or loosen over time.

3). Plastic and other harder materials gave some people a headache.

With all this in mind I went to work experimenting with other kinds of headbands, wearing them, and looking for better alternatives for cute fabric headbands.

I also love the look of bright bold blingy and sparkly fabrics. These kinds of headbands really don't exist in a fabric headband. Until Now that is!! I have created a very versatile, functionable and fashionable headband for all head sizes, hair styles and lots of personal tastes. Check it out at  CodyParkCrafter!  I'm sure you won't be sorry!

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